Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Dear all,

With this hand made New Year's card I'm wishing you great holidays, Happy and great prosperous 2010.... thanks everyone for the support, and for the inspiration that you gave me....



Thank's for dropping by here!
Love, N.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A hat that everyone went crazy about :)

...but not me!
The girl who ordered it :)
This hat/cap (whatever) will keep me busy during the holidays! I have many orders to finish till 15-th of January. But I'm happy to say that I managed to deliver all the New Years' orders....Hope that I will manage to show some new things that I made.....
Enjoy this holiday joy, N :*

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finally something for me

In all this chaos with the orders I managed to finish something for me. I have so many unfinished projects...

I made something out of my favorite colors....

Double sided fingerless gloves

This are double-sided fingerless gloves. They fit perfect with my I'm planning to go out with my pajamas and my gloves on -10 C' :)))

Double sided fingerless gloves/ Rakavici bez prsti so dve lica

hope to get more done for myself during the holidays :S


What's more grateful than the joy, happiness...cheerful mood....:) I can't resist to this festive atmosphere before New Year! It makes me happy and joyful without any special reason. but I guess that happens to you as well.

I've been working a lot this two weeks, made some beautiful peaces, gave some away, sold something out....Now I plan to close the new year's orders and to concentrate on parties and relaxing :))) This year was not the best so far, but a lot meaningful things happened, no matter if they were good o bad. But like Marvin Gaye song says:

...Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no vally low
Ain't no river wide enough....

I was very happy when my friend Karolina posted a picture on my FB page, a picture of snowflake that I gave to her put on her Christmas tree. It looked so sweet...


Marija put her snowflake in the car, and I put many of them in the Christmas cards that I send to my friends and family. Generally people like them, and I'm so happy :)))

This blog is not a goodbye from 2009. I still have a lot things to show you ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm a winnerrrrrr :)

I'm so exciteeeeeeeddddddddd

I become a winner of a special giveaway...YAY!!!

Nela thank you once again, you're a sweetheart :*

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Let me accessorise you

Ова насловов ако го преведам, многу смeшно ќе звучи: Дозволете да ве аксесоризирам????? :)))

Епа дозволете ми...Ве молам.....

Fancy your mobile


Fancy your mobile


Fancy your mobile


What am I?





Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cappuccino or Strawberry Milkshake....

Ви ветив дека ќе честам Капичино или Милкшејк, па повелете.......

Fingerless gloves/ Ракавици без прсти

Капучино со шлаг :)

Fingerless gloves/ Ракавици без прсти

Јaгоден Милкшејк :)

Доколку не можете да се одлучите ви препорачувам Капучино за наутро, а Милкшејк за навечер :))


I promised you a Cappuccino or Strawberry Milkshake, so here it is.....

If you can't decide what to take, I suggest you to take Cappuccino in the morning and the Milkshake at the evening :))

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ne docekav....

Ova sto sega ke vi go pokazam, ne planirav sega da go postiram :))

Obicno se trudam da e se zavrseno do kraj pa potoa da go objavam...ama ete ne izdrzav.

Ovoj proekt zapocna denes, mnogu slucajno....Se sladev na nekoi sliki od Flickr...od eden link na drug, od edna slika na druga, pa tutoriali .....i eve do kaj stignav:

Just strated.....

Jas sum mnogu zadovolna! Tolku mi se slatki ovie snegulki....Bi gi iskoristila li nekogas za ukrasuvanje na domot? sum sigurna, no so sigurnost ke se obidam :)))

I na kraj moram da se zablagodaram na Teresa od cijsto blog nauciv kako se pravat snegulkite. Obicno stom vidam nesto zanm kako da go napravam, a za ova mi trebase edna Teresa :)

Leka nok

A koga ke pocne da vrne sneg? Mislam deka vreme e.....
Ako ne...jas ke vi pustam snegulki!


I was not planing to post this before it's finished but..... :))

I'm usually trying to finish everything and then post it here....but I couldn't resist!

I started this project today, unexpectedly, I was enjoying some pictures on Flickr, jumping from one to another link , from one picture to another, watching tutorials......and here they are!

I'm very happy with the result! They are soo sweet....Will I ever use them as home decoration? I'm not sure, but I'll try :)))

At the end I have to thank to Teresa who's blog helped me to make this snowflakes. Ussually as soon as I pick something I know how to make it, but I needed Teresa to make this ones.

Good night

Where is the snow by the way? Will it strat snowing soon?
If not, don't worry! I will snow a snowflakes for you :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Јас воопшто не сакам зелена боја...ама оваа зелена почна да ме освојува деновиве! Стварно многу убав конец, велешки, од Ветекс. не ми плаќаат да ги рекламирам, ама ептен сум задоволна од нивните конци.
Си реков од денес ќе пишувам на македонски, можеби фидбекот ќе биде подобар и ќе го има, за разлика од одсега..... :) Знате што сакам да кажам, нели?

Е сега да ја видите "оваа" зелена......




Овој сет од наравица и обетки е наменет за поклон, го нарача мојата колешка Ивана. Се надевам дека ќе предизвика насмевка на нечие лице. Јас на пример, многу сакам да ги правам другите среќни. Тогаш сум јас уште посреќна.

За крај сакам да знам дали би сакале производи како горенаведените да се биат на продажба? Сакате повеќе да купувате "Online" или "in Live" ? :)))

Следниот пат честам Капучино! ..или повеќе сакате овошен Милк-шејк?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Alot going on

Oh...where to start...A lot has been happening lately.
I've been mixing styles, colors, types... I forgot that the summer has come to an end, and it's already winter...bbbrrrrrr...And from summer earrings and bracelets I switched to gloves and scarves :))) So what? My creativity has gone with the flow. I'm not planning to change that. First and most important rule: STAY SPONTANEOUS! What do YOU have to say?

I think it won't be very good if I put pictures of all the items that I haven't posted so far in just one post, so I will just ask you gently :) to check on my Flickr profile :) Just click on the picture below Thank you....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Enough of earrings! :))) I'm trying some new things, new techniques, new combination's... Barcelet Barcelet

I'm very satisfied how my tries turned into a successful project

Love uuuu

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shop me online

Nataly's fine art page on Facebook reached over 200 fans. I'm so glad, and proud, and thankful...... :)))) just cant get off the smile on my face! I'm also very happy to let you know that I started selling Nataly's fine art products ONLINE @ . This page is available only in Macedonian, and only for macedonians.

Let me know if you wish some of my products to be on sell online!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Bead by bead

Another important but less professional part of my Fine Art's are beaded jeweleries :)
I make them only for me... for now!


If you want to have a full view of my beaded jeweleries check my Bead By Bead Set on Flickr

I'm using wooden and glass beads mostly when making this, but I also use wire, thread, monist, plastic.....and whatever comes on my way.

Have a nice summer day :)

First delivery

My first delivery:


Something different

Ok, maybe you got bored of my earrings and jewelries. And I wished to let you know that it's not the only thing I can make :))

Pendant-coin holder

This cozy accessories look most like for kids, but even an adult (someone like me) can use them :)

Coin holder

Cozy coin holder

Cozys :)

I have to mention that I was inspired by BeaG,when I was making this accessories. Her products are very cute and unique. Visit her shop on Etsy :)

Bye bye

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello everybody :)

How the summer is going for you? Already at the beaches, sunbathing, drinking you juicy cocktails? Or working, sweating, stuck in your offices like me? Come on, share your complaints with me, I want to know that I'm not alone in this world :) Any future plans?

OK! I have a few items to show you, they are especially made to make your summer look more unique, easy looking, look that makes you feel like walking on the sand (not on the burning asphalt), makes you feel like flying.........It's true!

All crocheted jewelries are easy, you don't even feel them. That 's what I like most about them. I'm also allergic when wearing a heavy bijoux. So I recommend this to everyone with this kind of problems.


This are very simple made. Their beauty is the small bead that I added on the top. I consider adding beads as useful for this creations.


This one are even more simple, as you can see :) But they fit very nice.

Silver earrings

I'm very into crocheting over small pvc circles lately. And that gives incredible results to my creations. The game over colors can also give benefit to it.

blue set

But I'd like most to hear your opinion.

Does any of this match the color of your bikini? or maybe your dress?

Don't forget to mention about the plans for your summer holidays ;) I could use some of your ideas for me as well :)

Yours, Nataly

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh rainy day...

Even if it's rainy outside in Skopje, I'd like to share a short and a cute story with you :)))

Coin holder :)

coin holder

coin holder

Do you like my story?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The story of a yarny

Once upon a time there was a sweet color yarny that was waiting to be knitted or crocheted. The little yarny was most beautiful of all...Sweet-colored, soft, untouchable....But he was not happy! He was standing there, watching other yarns come and go, getting designed, replaced....but not him! His owner loved him too much and doesn't want to destroy him.

And then one sunny happy day, his owner felt his flirty smile and decided to use him.....For the good of both....




Crochet bikini

**** HAPPY END ****

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Few minutes ago I felt bad because I left my blog aside just because of my Facebook page. But I guess that is OK, regarding the fact that the group brought me many fans, and many people found out about my craft. :) And I just feel glad :) Checking everyday comments, receiving orders for the first time.....I feel motivated!

That's the feeling I've been missing when I talk about my current job :S I want that chapter of my life soon to be closed!

Now let's enjoy a little bit in some of my new creations :)

Making this lovely accessories makes me really happy, relaxes me and keeps my mind "away". My girlfriends and my boyfriend are also lovely by encouraging me all the time :))) that helps a lot. .

Now I'm leaving....don't forget to comment :)


ringy ringy pink

ringy ringy blue

close up

Love, N