Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is how the story goes.....

....I'm making something "just because" and then starting something else, maybe cooking, maybe relaxing....forgeting about what I was into just 15 min ago, and them get on the subject once again, starting a new story...and again and again doing the same ritual over and over...

Now in pictures.....


this is something "just because" :)

Actually I've made a circles, and had no clue how to finish them, and I just left them as they were. I'm a spontaneous girl so when something is not on my mind at the moment, than that's not the right thing :)
Annnd...two weeks later I just opened my jewelery set and thought of this options:

option 1

first one...but not preferred (by me ;) )

option 2

Second one

And that's it ! They are not finished yet. I'll have to assemble them, but first put them in a stifner and see who will be the lucky winner. Does anyone like them? First one who will reply to this will be the one ;)

And people, ENJOY THE SPRING TIME, it's beautiful!