Friday, May 01, 2009


Yesterday I had a blow of creativity and have done some nice pieces. Maybe it was just because it was the last working day of the week ..... :))).....and I somehow felt relief. Today I'm resting at home, I have time to transfer images from my camera to the computer, to arrange my photos on Flickr....and it feels soooo good. I hope that all of you busy people out here can understand me. Maybe today I suppose to be somewhere outside, and having picnic with the friends (that's tradition for 1-st of May) but it feels good even like this. Rainy weather makes my sitting at home more justified :) ..look how I'm trying to convince myself... hhahha

And yesterday...was beautiful sunny day! My friend stayed over for few days, and I was showing her my work, so she asked me to make her earrings like the one she liked most:


But this ones are really big (~ 6.5 / 5 cm). But nice ;) Then I made her a smaller ones which are cuter and maybe nicer (depends )


And I think that this earrings would be nothing without adding some beads or whatever you like on the top or at the endings.

putting parts together

Here's the difference:

small one and bigger one

If you ask me...I think that both are beautiful. What about you?

I also assembled one more pair of earrings, but I have prepared the crocheted parts last summer. Actually I was crocheting a beautiful bikini but when I finished it I was not satisfied, so I rip them, and the parts for earrings that I made to fit them were left. So here's the idea that came to my mind yesterday (not at the time when I was crocheting, I had different idea then)


And that's all for now, sorry for sharing that much in just one blog ;) But the next 1-st of May is next year :))) Joking...

I just got call from my parents, they are on Popova Sapka, and it's snowing out there, IMAGINE that, snow in MAY!!!!!????? Have to see that by myself, I hope to spend 2 snowy days and enjoy them.................

Stay tuned!

Love, N

As promised...

Today I want to share with you the the new look of windows :), as I promised to you :) I was looking for a appropriate curtains for more than 3 years, but not actually "looking" but "looking and hoping not to find". Is that feeling familiar to you? To be more clear: I'm still not sure that I needed them or I like them, but I think that they give some warmth to the room, especially since I have more cold colors filled in there...The interior design is not what my blog is I'll just let you see what I'm talking about ;)