Friday, July 17, 2009

Bead by bead

Another important but less professional part of my Fine Art's are beaded jeweleries :)
I make them only for me... for now!


If you want to have a full view of my beaded jeweleries check my Bead By Bead Set on Flickr

I'm using wooden and glass beads mostly when making this, but I also use wire, thread, monist, plastic.....and whatever comes on my way.

Have a nice summer day :)

First delivery

My first delivery:


Something different

Ok, maybe you got bored of my earrings and jewelries. And I wished to let you know that it's not the only thing I can make :))

Pendant-coin holder

This cozy accessories look most like for kids, but even an adult (someone like me) can use them :)

Coin holder

Cozy coin holder

Cozys :)

I have to mention that I was inspired by BeaG,when I was making this accessories. Her products are very cute and unique. Visit her shop on Etsy :)

Bye bye

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello everybody :)

How the summer is going for you? Already at the beaches, sunbathing, drinking you juicy cocktails? Or working, sweating, stuck in your offices like me? Come on, share your complaints with me, I want to know that I'm not alone in this world :) Any future plans?

OK! I have a few items to show you, they are especially made to make your summer look more unique, easy looking, look that makes you feel like walking on the sand (not on the burning asphalt), makes you feel like flying.........It's true!

All crocheted jewelries are easy, you don't even feel them. That 's what I like most about them. I'm also allergic when wearing a heavy bijoux. So I recommend this to everyone with this kind of problems.


This are very simple made. Their beauty is the small bead that I added on the top. I consider adding beads as useful for this creations.


This one are even more simple, as you can see :) But they fit very nice.

Silver earrings

I'm very into crocheting over small pvc circles lately. And that gives incredible results to my creations. The game over colors can also give benefit to it.

blue set

But I'd like most to hear your opinion.

Does any of this match the color of your bikini? or maybe your dress?

Don't forget to mention about the plans for your summer holidays ;) I could use some of your ideas for me as well :)

Yours, Nataly