Thursday, November 04, 2010

just perfect

Isn't this perfect?

i would love to have a few custom made of this in a different motifs....hope Nela can give me some tips ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my fav color is blue

Bracelet all shades :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade makes me happy

Oh can't imagine how much I miss blogging, and I miss you....
But it's just impossible for me to concentrate on that right now. My full-time job is taking all my strength away! I don't like that but at least I have a job in this insecure time. Nothing is granted to last forever but but we exist in this world just to fight that! Sometimes (or always) i don't get the point of actually not living our lives!I mean...we have to study , then we have to work, then we have to get old, than we feel sorry for not using our lifetime in a better way than we actually did....

When a blog I feel more creative and I don't have much time to think of the sense of life, or my life has sense when I crochet and blog :)

I felt very useful when I was planning the decorations for my brothers wedding. I didn't save any money by hand-making the cozies but it just felt great. I enjoyed picking the material to use, I spend a lot of time running from one store to another just to find what I need exactly.


I'm not sure if you get what's the idea of this worm-lookalike sticks? :)


Now you can guess that this are decorations for napkins or even candles. I was very proud of the idea of making them :)


I bought a lot of beads, in different shapes and colors because at the beggining I had no clear idea what to make of them, and after many tryouts this came up!

I also used the beads on this one:

Candle arrangements

It's funny that I used sea salt instead of expensive sand for this arrangement. And it turned out great. The heart-shaped beads gave special touch to it.


This tiny vases looked very romantic and elegant especially with Kala flower in.


And you already saw this one


but I have to say that this is also hand made because I didn't want us to have the traditional flower arrangement above the door.
I think that all looked great at the end.

And this has been a very loooong post after looooong time :)))

And still on stand by!!! See you soon (i hope...)

regards from Nataly - the wedding decorator ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember me?

really, do you remember me? :)))) I hope you do :p

I was off for a while..but it was worthed. I was occupied with my brother's wedding and enjoyed every moment of it!

I can't wait to show you the beautiful pictures, bt there are too many....

Right now check some of my hand made wedding decorations (arrangements);)






I have much more to show you but time after time ;)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Geting ready....for a craft Bazaar


Zeljka thanks for making me happy :)))

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prviot SWAP poklon pristigna

Ne ni ocekuvav deka tolku ke se vozbudam koga ke dojde postar na vrata!!
Da se razbereme, ne bese toj ni zgoden ni mlad ni ubav :)))ama mi donese prekrasen podarok od mojata swap partnerka Ariana od Hrvatska

Prvo: ne znam zosto, ama ne ocekuvav vakvo nesto :) Ne me sfakajte pogresno :P
Vtoro: pa znaete li od koga ne mi dosol postar na vrata??????? od koga go izmislija jas go otkriv internetot......neee...otkako jas si otvoriv e-mail adresa!!! :)))))))
Treto: nema :)))

Ariana, otvori si blog!!! Sakame da vidime tehniki, tutoriali i mnogu tvoi proekti!

Aj sega 'in english please....


I didn't expected to be so surprised when a mailman showed up at my door yesterday.
Well , he wasn't cute, nor handsome, nor young :))) but he gave me the present from my Swap partner Ariana from Croatia.

I was surprised because (I don't know why)but I didn't expected a present like this :)
Don't get me wrong here
Can you imagine how long has been since the mailman showed up at my door?????? Since the internet was discovered.....No....since I discovered internet.....noooooo...since I've opened an e-mail address :)))

And dear Ariana, Please start a blog, we need techniques, tutorials and much more of your work :)

Ciao tutti, N :)