Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bella :)

Bella likes them too....even if she's not aware of it :))) I'll make one pair special for her.


Monday, June 01, 2009


I planned to blog this one last week, but now I do understand why (almost) all the bloggers always apologize that they didn't had time to post new blog....etc etc....bla bla bla....
I now that it's important for us to be always here, with something fresh, so that we can get as much of your attention :) Enough with my confession!

Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my mom's old pot holders, that me and my grandma made year and years ago, were almost damaged. So I decided to surprise her and made this ones.

pot holders

I've made them last weekend while she was preparing my brother for traveling, hour or so. She was so surprised and stunned of what her daughter can make :))) But I'm even happier for them than she is :))) Somehow I feel proud that I can do something for the home, something useful. Also this colors are great treatment for my eyes

pot holders

This weekend I kept myself busy preparing some presents for my friends, I've been to a Mojito birthday party, getting better next day, and what I have left was only one day to get rest, to do house work and to enjoy making something creative. No, I'm not complaining.....

Blog you soon ;)