Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade makes me happy

Oh can't imagine how much I miss blogging, and I miss you....
But it's just impossible for me to concentrate on that right now. My full-time job is taking all my strength away! I don't like that but at least I have a job in this insecure time. Nothing is granted to last forever but but we exist in this world just to fight that! Sometimes (or always) i don't get the point of actually not living our lives!I mean...we have to study , then we have to work, then we have to get old, than we feel sorry for not using our lifetime in a better way than we actually did....

When a blog I feel more creative and I don't have much time to think of the sense of life, or my life has sense when I crochet and blog :)

I felt very useful when I was planning the decorations for my brothers wedding. I didn't save any money by hand-making the cozies but it just felt great. I enjoyed picking the material to use, I spend a lot of time running from one store to another just to find what I need exactly.


I'm not sure if you get what's the idea of this worm-lookalike sticks? :)


Now you can guess that this are decorations for napkins or even candles. I was very proud of the idea of making them :)


I bought a lot of beads, in different shapes and colors because at the beggining I had no clear idea what to make of them, and after many tryouts this came up!

I also used the beads on this one:

Candle arrangements

It's funny that I used sea salt instead of expensive sand for this arrangement. And it turned out great. The heart-shaped beads gave special touch to it.


This tiny vases looked very romantic and elegant especially with Kala flower in.


And you already saw this one


but I have to say that this is also hand made because I didn't want us to have the traditional flower arrangement above the door.
I think that all looked great at the end.

And this has been a very loooong post after looooong time :)))

And still on stand by!!! See you soon (i hope...)

regards from Nataly - the wedding decorator ;)