Saturday, June 20, 2009


Few minutes ago I felt bad because I left my blog aside just because of my Facebook page. But I guess that is OK, regarding the fact that the group brought me many fans, and many people found out about my craft. :) And I just feel glad :) Checking everyday comments, receiving orders for the first time.....I feel motivated!

That's the feeling I've been missing when I talk about my current job :S I want that chapter of my life soon to be closed!

Now let's enjoy a little bit in some of my new creations :)

Making this lovely accessories makes me really happy, relaxes me and keeps my mind "away". My girlfriends and my boyfriend are also lovely by encouraging me all the time :))) that helps a lot. .

Now I'm leaving....don't forget to comment :)


ringy ringy pink

ringy ringy blue

close up

Love, N

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