Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What's more grateful than the joy, happiness...cheerful mood....:) I can't resist to this festive atmosphere before New Year! It makes me happy and joyful without any special reason. but I guess that happens to you as well.

I've been working a lot this two weeks, made some beautiful peaces, gave some away, sold something out....Now I plan to close the new year's orders and to concentrate on parties and relaxing :))) This year was not the best so far, but a lot meaningful things happened, no matter if they were good o bad. But like Marvin Gaye song says:

...Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no vally low
Ain't no river wide enough....

I was very happy when my friend Karolina posted a picture on my FB page, a picture of snowflake that I gave to her put on her Christmas tree. It looked so sweet...


Marija put her snowflake in the car, and I put many of them in the Christmas cards that I send to my friends and family. Generally people like them, and I'm so happy :)))

This blog is not a goodbye from 2009. I still have a lot things to show you ;)

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