Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obsession ;)


Please help me: I'm obsessed with my blog?! :))))))))))
OK, I'm serious but I don't think that this is a real problem! I'm looking at it, like in a constructive way. Or am I trying to fool myself? ....whew.... No, actually I'm just trying to learn more about blogging, I'm trying to find a way how to be unique, since many people are doing what I do right now, I want to narrow my energy in a right place, not to waste my time, and get nothing in feedback (not materially!)...bla bla bla
I have many ideas right now, they are buzzing all the time, but I'm more confused and when I'm like that, I 'm sure that it's not time to start anything and to make decisions.
I admire those who managed to make their blogs a working offices and to earn money on them. Really, I see the future in this kind of working! Too bad that I still live in this country, and I can't even buy online, and not to talk about selling stuff.
Ok, I have to repeat: YOUR COMMENTS are more than necessary for me :) you critics, vows, suggestions etc etc.....
p.s. I have no time for crocheting this week, I've been keeping myself busy arranging my apartment ;) new refrigerator, new curtains.... I'll show you the final look next week.

Have a great day :*

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